Mountain Boots Intro

I decided to choose Boots as my first product to discuss the WHY reason. Boots have evolved like most products in the hunting industry. With todays think tanks and technology. We as humans keep improving the wheel for the end user. This is great for someone wanting to get more performance out of his gear. I have worn many boots over my career. Some I have loved and some I have hated. As I have aged my feet and maintenance to keep them from crippling my adventures has grown tremendously. I cant wear a pair of low top sneakers anymore and hike like a savage all day. So I have decided to really ask the question WHY should I pay $250-500 for a pair of mountain boots. Here is my research and results.

Google search

With so many great boots companies to choose from. I started by searching reviews from companies that have already tried and given feedback on their use. I found most reviews are on trail hikers or low top hiking boots. I feared that the reviews I did read was going to be from someone hiking a well travelled path. I want to know what there like when hauling out meat or with a heavy spike camp on your back. How do they hold up for support and make your feet feel at the end of a week of hunting. Some reviews also seem like an advertisement for the company. I try and disregard those reviews. This gave me small starting point. On to the next step.

Top 5 pick from web and social search

Cripsi Wild Rock GTX

Best Internet Price $439.00

multiple sights

only 23 customer reviews from 8 sites

Scarpa Grand DRU GTX

Best Internet price $479.99

Multiple Sites 

1 review including Amazon



Kenetrek Mountain Ext 400 insulated

Best Internet Price 479.95

Multiple Sights

15 reviews for 7 sights



Lowa Hunter GTX Evo Extreme

Best Internet price $350-380


4 reviews on 6 sights

Lathrop and Sons Mountain Elite Hunter

Best Internet Price $454

no reviews on their site

I did find a gem in the rough.  These cats have a a sweet gear review and layout website.  I found the starting point information to be clean and well represented.  I will definitely be using their site for future inquiries. They had more of what I was interested in for a hunting boot.

I will update part 2 with my choice and podcast with the owners of  Lathrop and sons.  Along with the process and why I chose to go with their boot.  Stay Tuned!