Week 1 Narrowing the unit selection


6                           17                     48,56,481,561

6,7                        36                     65 

12,24-26,231      43                    74

14,16,161            44,45,444       82,86,861 

16                        47                       161

171                    471


Step 1

First off I need to see what units I can draw with 12 points. I’ll look at the 3 year average for these unit’s. This will give me a good indication of how consistent the units have been. You must look at not only the number of applicants but tag numbers issued. They play a huge part in dictating how accurate odds can be. The app will only show you the actual state data from the previous year. There is no one that can give you “true” odds without this information. The mobile app is more than fair at giving you the information the state publicizes for you to decide where to place your points. If the division cuts or adds tags the odds change drastically. I collected the 3 year information for all these units and placed them in graphs so you can see the trends more visibly below.

After I compare the unit info from the graphs.  I’m going to narrow the units to my top 5.  I’m going to weed out all the units that take less than 8 points to draw.  Remember I have 12 points, so by no means would I normally eliminate those type units.  I also could have drew some of these units 6-8 times or more by now.  They may not be as good as some of the others but chances are I could have found a buck or two that would reach my goal of Proposition 200.  Here is my top 5 units I will break down further in the next update for Unit Research.

I will dive deeper into the meat of the application pool of each of these units and show you why I have 2 units that say 0% chance of drawing and why I kept them on my top 5 list. Check back every week for updates on this process and click below to subscribe to our podcast and newsletter to stay up to date.