Episode #015: Alps Outdoorz Commander X +Pack

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August 22, 2018
This week we sit down and talk with Derek Slocum from Alps Outdoorz. Derek is a product designer and discusses the Commander X pack features in detail. He also reveals the new camo pattern that will be going on several of the alps brand packs for this fall in Veil Camo. The Commander X pack features a 4000 cubic inch removable shell pack with a top load compartment. The main pack is separated to organize your gear and break up the weight. This is probably one of my favorite features along with how it rides and feels. Alps brand packs are unmatched in the industry for what you are getting vs cost of goods. I have packed out several animals with mine and with their frame pack. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about them besides the weight that I’m adding to them. The Commander X also features a quick small pouch that detaches from the front and will wear like a fanny pack. So, you can quickly drop the heavy pack and keep your calls or essential gear in the fanny style pack and go gunning. The Commander X also has a frame pack built into the frame so if you do harvest and want to haul a load out with your pack. You can slide the meat in the middle between the frame and your main pack. Very handy but can make for a super heavy load if not careful.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Derek Slocum

Product Designer, Alps Outdoorz

Website: Alps Outdoorz

Facebook: @alpsoutdoorz

Instagram: @alpsoutdoorz

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