Episode #005: Canvas Cutter You need to get one of these…NOW

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April 23, 2018
One of the coolest outdoor products to hit the market in recent years. Canvas cutter bedrolls have created a unique bedroll for those that love to be outdoors. The bedroll literally sets up in 10 seconds and you have a shelter and comfortable sleeping bed anywhere you want. The canvas itself is waterproof and I dare you to try and get yourself wet while the bed is zipped up tight. I've slept in mine during a monsoon rain storm and in a snowstorm that dumped 1 foot overnight. I was completely dry, and the tent pole system keeps the canvas from laying on your face and allows you to breathe while staying out of the weather. I keep a sleeping bag inside mine rolled up, so I can grab and go anytime. It saves me hours a trip by avoiding having to set up, maintain, and then take down a tent. That is probably my favorite part, they also are bringing out some new products later this year. Listen and download the podcast to hear about the new products coming soon. Check out their website in the links below to get more information.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Seth and Shirl Larsen

Owners, Canvas Cutter

Website: www.canvascutter.com

Facebook: Canvas Cutter

Instagram: @canvascutter

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