Episode #007: Full OREGON overview from the top Outfitter in the state

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May 7, 2018
If you ever wondered about hunting the Beaver state. We talk to Cal Halladay of Sheep Mountain Outfitters. They run a top-notch outfit and are putting some giant Muley's on the ground consistently. Learn what areas produce the better and bigger scoring Muley's in the state. What type of terrain and normal hunting conditions to expect. There are plenty of Over the Counter tags to pursue in Oregon. There is a difference from the East to the West side of the state. Get an overview of the better units to throw your points into and also some areas that you can chase bulls with a bow or gun OTC. We talk about the better sheep and Mountain Goat units to look at. We talk about the application process and what to expect when applying for Oregon’s Controlled hunts. Oregon runs a preference point system and allocates 75% of the tags to higher point holders and 25% go into the random draw. Oregon is also loaded with Black bear, Cal gives a rundown on the states spring and fall hunting opportunity. We also learn about their operation and what sets them apart from the crowd in Oregon. Bunch of great guys running the outfit and share their passion with the rest of us.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Cal Halladay

Co-Owner, Sheep Mountain Outfitters

Website: http://huntsmo.com/

Facebook: Sheep Mountain Outfitter

Instagram: @sheepmountainoutfitters

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