Episode #011: High Mountain Boots, What are your feet worth? Lathrop and Sons boots

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June 4, 2018
If you were going to spend 400-500 hundred dollars on boots. Wouldn't you want to know why? I’ve logged thousands of miles in the mountains over my career and when I was young, I swear, I could wear flip flops all day and be just fine. Now that I'm older it seems like those neglectful days are catching up to me. It seems like something is always hurting after a long day of hiking. I'm setting out to find out why and who I should spend my money with. Part of Proposition 200 is researching gear for my trip in the high country. I talk to James and Stephen Lathrop, owners of Lathropandsons Boots. They discuss the reason why you should talk with them before your drop that kind of coin on high quality footwear. Their years of fitting people for orthopedic problems has transitioned to the boot world and we all can benefit from their years of knowledge. They will discuss what you should consider when looking at boots and some things you probably don’t consider when going on your hike. We all get lost in the final quest of harvesting our goal but fall short sometimes on thinking about the gear that helps us achieve that goal.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

James and Stephen Lathrop

Owners, Lathropandsons

Website: Lathropandsons.com

Facebook: @lathropandsons

Instagram: @lathropandsonsboots

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