Episode #006: Idaho with Dan Whitmus Top elk and Deer Units

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April 30, 2018
We talk to an absolute hunting encyclopedia. Dan Whitmus from Southeast Idaho hunts more in one year than most people hunt in ten. He travels all over the world guiding exclusive big game clients. He is a PH in South Africa, heads south of the border for Desert Muley’s, and to New Zealand for Stag. He gets to spend an immense amount of time developing his skills as he hunts a variety of big game. He’s spent countless hours in Idaho chasing deer and elk. He talks about different regions and how they are doing with hunting pressure, wolves and quality. We discuss some OTC late Idaho Mule deer hunts that can take place in the rut. Learn what elk areas have been hit by wolves the hardest. His take in high country Muley success. We also talk about the 1st and 2nd draw that Idaho has for their Elk, Deer, Antelope and Fall Bear. What to avoid if you are lucky to draw in the 1st round. Learn about some OTC areas that sell out of Non-Resident tags due to Idaho's 2nd elk purchase program for Residents. Dan also gives a realistic expectation insight on some of the southern deer units. We also discuss deer quantity and quality in some of the regions.

Host: Eric Christensen

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