Episode #004: M2D camo properties with Sparky Sparks Idaho Spring Bear

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April 16, 2018
Sparky Sparks is the owner of M2d Camo properties. We discuss his property by Salmon Idaho in the Eastern part of the state. We also discuss spring bear. Spring bear in Idaho is very good and they are allowed to bait. He has some pristine property that is over 30,000 acres. His property is surrounded by public land Forrest. The property land locks most of the public ground and these bears are in a natural environment, meaning there aren't any roads and other hunters messing with them. They become very consistent to the bait and come in almost daily. He has a lodge and great accommodations for a solid price. His vast agricultural property boasts a major non-publicized whitetail population. He has a deep base of 140-150 class bucks roaming the properties. Hunting Whitetails in Idaho can cheaper than hunting the Midwest and you are not required to sit in a tree stand for an entire week hoping to get one to stroll by. You can spot and stalk as they travel from feed to bed. Some lay in sage flats and you can stalk in the middle of the day. Blind hunting is also available for a successful ambush as they work their way to the agricultural fields. These whitetail hunts are OTC, cheaper, and more fun than sitting on a 2x2 deck 20 feet off the ground all day for a week.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Sparky Sparks

Owner, M2D Camo Properties

Website: M2D Camo Properties

Facebook: M2D camo property

Instagram: @m2dlivinthedream

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