Episode #017: Machine guns and Helicopters, HeliBacon offers an awesome adventure in Texas

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September 12, 2018
This week’s podcast is an awesome one to add to your bucket list. Ever want to go shoot machine guns out of a helicopter and kill some crop ruining hogs. HeliBacon Owner Chris Britt talks to us about his unique helicopter adventure to harvest hogs. Wild Hogs are a non-native and invasive species to the state of Texas. These hogs can breed practically overnight and have massive liters of babies. Hogs root at night and can tear up the land causing thousands of dollars in damage overnight. Managing these hogs can be very expensive and in most cases crop loss gets passed on to you and I in the form of higher market prices. HeliBacon allows you to shoot a fully automatic AR 15 rifle out of a flying helicopter. Shooting on average of 300 rounds at running pigs while moving sideways in a helicopter sounds like a complete adventure. Along with being strapped into a bird, Helibacon also offers night hunting. Which is perfectly legal in Texas. They use night vision optics and helmets. Thermal night vision technology is off the charts awesome. Those 2 experiences alone make this trip top any list of North America hunting adventures.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Chris Britt

Co-Owner, Helibacon

Website: www.helibacon.com

Facebook: Helibacon

Instagram: @helibacon

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