Episode #008: New hunting brand with a New look and name RAKADX

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May 15, 2018
Welcome to RAKADX clothing line and membership. They are an apparel design and embroidery company with a passion for hunting. Heath Burchinal is the owner and no stranger to the clothing design in the clothing printing world. He also was a big part of the Sneekee clothing line. His background combined with his passion for hunting has helped him create a unique and catchy new brand for hunting minded people. Rakadx is a membership driven T-shirt and Hat line. Each month a new design is sent to members at the start of each month along with free shipping. Members can start with a T-Shirt or hat membership, or even get a combo membership for a hat and T-shirt every month. The designs are exclusive to the membership. After 6 months the designs are released for individual purchase. The company runs through Extreme Graphics, so they can launch new designs for a fraction of the cost of others trying to do this same model, but with their own apparel. They are also launching new apparel and gear this fall. Get in on the new membership and show your support to the hunting community by wearing some cool hunting apparel that not everyone has access to.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Heath Burchinal, Robert

Owner/Operator, RakAdx

Website: www.Rakadx.com

Facebook: Rakadx

Instagram: @rakadxco

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