Episode #013: Outdoor Edge Knives

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July 22, 2018
This episode we talk to Outdoor Edge Knives. Hear from the guys on the front lines growing the business and keeping Outdoor Edge on top of the industry. Outdoor Edge has been making top notch hunting knives, game processing, and other hunting knives for many years. With the release of the Razor Lite and Razor Pro they have secured their spot with a best-selling series of hunting knives. The Razor Pro is my go-to skinning and capping knife on all my hunts. The Razor Pro features a replaceable razor blade with a very secure backbone. An Aluminum channel supports the back of the blade while you’re doing the dirty work. The pro model also has a gut blade to easily slip through the hide of any big game animal. The process is extremely simplified with this multi blade tool. They also have had huge success in with many other products including a complete and new packable processing kit. You can get a kit with many tools that allow you to process the animal back at camp or home. The new kit includes the best of the complete kit and is incased in a packable case. Outdoor Edge also supports many outdoor organizations which makes my decision to support them very easy. Listen and check out their knife line up today.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Zach and Andrew

, Outdoor Edge

Website: Outdoor Edge

Facebook: @Outdooredgeknives

Instagram: @oeknives

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