Episode #012: Proposition 200: Colorado unit breakdown for unit selection including 2018 odds

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June 11, 2018
Proposition 200 is my personal quest to harvest a buck around or above the magical 200” mark. I’ve never killed a buck over 170. 20 years of guiding cost me many years of personal hunts that I didn’t have time for while helping clients out. Although I did accumulate several points in various states. I have 12 points going into the Colorado draw for next year. Prop 200 is a way for me to show you how the free mobile draw odds app can help you select or give you a starting point in doing your own research to decide where your points are best spent. Nothing is really guaranteed in the draw odds world. Knowing more than just the max points is something you should learn to look at and see how point creep and draw trends can help you get more tags to chase each fall. I have a top 5 that I will do more research and actually scout 3 of them this fall to see what quantity and quality of bucks the units hold to help me decide. Some of the units I should be 100% at drawing and others are a gamble. Unit 82 is a bubble unit for me and I’ll breakdown the last 2 years and why you can never bank on drawing a tag based off the odds alone.

Host: Eric Christensen

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Eric Christensen


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