Episode #003: Rolling Bones Outfitter Innovating the hunting world

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April 9, 2018
In this episode, we sit down with Brandon Neil one of the owners of Rolling Bones Outfitter. They are bringing some cool tech mixed with old school face to face interaction to the hunting community. Long range shooting schools taught by Chip Beman. Custom Long range weapon set up. They are creating a membership that will save you money on hunts and thousands of products to use on your adventures. They have created some software to make applying for several states a breeze. You can get involved to create your own outdoor business and make some extra money talking about hunting. The owners financial background is making a transition to their unique approach and crossing the model over for people who love to hunt and fish. Get the freedom you want to grow an outdoor business as fast or slow as you want. Their RADS system will automatically track your points you have accumulated when applying for one or multiple states. Get an advantage over the competition and draw more tags by utilizing the RADS software. They also offer a fast interaction for cancellation hunts, so the members can get huge discounts on a variety of hunt’s. Check out their membership details on their website at www.rollingbonesoutfitters.com

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Brandon Neil

Owner, Rolling Bones Outfitters


Facebook: Rolling bones outfiters

Instagram: @rollingbonesoutfitters

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