Episode #016: Utah Scouting Service, Get up to date unit info and still hunt for yourself

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September 3, 2018
This week’s Guest is Adam Henrie of Utah Scouting Service. Adam offers a unique information and scouting based service for people who draw either limited entry or OTC tags here in Utah. An awesome idea for nonresidents who need to get some good intel before their hunt to try and maximize their hunting trip to Utah. It’s also a great platform for people who do not have time to scout or have not been on the unit prior to their hunt. As a former guide I understand the cost of scouting and using a service like Adams will actually save you a ton of money. When you add up the gas and food each trip you’ll pay for Adams service within the 2nd or 3rd trip. He has recent field time and knows the units which is crucial. It can take 3-4 years of consistently being on the unit to start to understand the dynamics and hot spots of each unit. Using his network and knowledge based he has built up is 100% worth the investment in his scouting service. It’s really the best of both worlds and can increase your odds of filling a tag with the animal you’re after.

Host: Eric Christensen

Guest Info

Adam Henrie

Owner, Utah Scouting Services

Website: Www.UtahScoutingservices.com

Facebook: Utah Scouting Service

Instagram: @utahscoutingservices

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